September 20, 2020

Benefits of Oil Painting

oil painting

Benefits of Oil Painting

Oil paintings are the most popular style of art that many people look to purchase. It has many advantages over other styles, however. The biggest advantage that oil painting has over other styles of art is that oil painting is an easy medium to work in, because it does not require any additional equipment to work with. It is also an easy medium to use, because many people can paint in their home, or in their office.

Oil painting is the art of painting using pigments on paper of drying oil, as the medium. Commonly used oil paints include poppy seed oil, linseed oil, walnut oil, safflower oil and other drying oils. The choice of medium adds a number of properties to the paint, including drying time or the extent of the yellowing. If the drying period of the oil paint is long enough, the colors will not fade. If the drying period is short enough, the colors will fade into each other.

The oil painting techniques used to create these wonderful paintings include using brush, roller, pallet knife, sponge. Brushes are used to apply the paints to the paper. The brushes that are available to the artist are usually called gouache, oil pastels, watercolors, or oil pastel and charcoal brushes. The roller is used to apply the colors to the paper in a smooth and even way. Palettes are also used to apply various colors of paint to the paper at one time. The palette knife is a small knife with a pointed tip used to apply the colors to the paper, using a very gentle pressure. Finally, the sponge is used to spread the color on the paper in a smooth and even way.