December 5, 2020

How to Choose a Real Estate Broker in Cairo

When it comes to buying a home in Egypt, most people choose the services of a real estate agent because of the fact that the latter is known as a middleman. Although this might be true for most agents, there are still some real estate companies operating in Cairo which put integrity and honesty before profit. To help guide you in your quest for the perfect property for your needs, conduct thorough research to find the best agents in Cairo.

Real estate broker

Look for a firm with a good record and a great reputation in the market; always check its credentials through the World Wide Web, go to their website or call its hotline to ask questions. You should also look into the company’s background and ask them how long they have been in the business. Ask them if they are licensed to operate in the country and if there are any complaints filed against them. Also, find out their experience and try to ask them for referrals from satisfied customers who have used them before.

After you have found the best property broker in Cairo, you can now make your purchase. You have to know the condition of the property and if it is situated in an area that has good traffic, especially during the evening. You can also check whether or not the neighborhood is safe because crime rates in Cairo are very high in areas like Tahrir square.

Check for certain requirements, such as zoning laws, building codes and insurance regulations. Also, find out whether or not the company has any licenses regarding property taxes. If the owner of the property is a foreigner, do not be afraid to ask for his papers; just make sure that these documents are legal. Some property owners may refuse to give you these documents as they want to keep things private.

A good property broker will not take on your case unless he has done his due diligence and checked the property for liens and encumbrances. This means he will not deal with a house on the basis of the price alone. Instead, he or she will look into the legalities of the agreement you entered in the beginning of the transaction and make sure that the deal is in accordance with the law.

You may also consider the type of real estate broker you prefer. If you prefer a traditional approach, you may want to consider an agent who handles a lot of properties or has been a seller of residential or commercial property in the city. For a more modern way of doing business, you may want a more urban or business-oriented broker. You will have a lot of choices on the web and may also request quotes from several firms before making a final decision.

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